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San Francisco Airport SFO


SFO's AirTrain provides year-round service 24 hours a day, with station departures as frequent as every four minutes. AirTrain is wheelchair accessible. Space is designated for wheelchairs at each end of AirTrain cars. Elevator service is available at all AirTrain stations. If you lose an item on AirTrain, you can contact the Lost and Found.

AirTrain operates two lines:

AirTrain does not provide service to SFO's Long-Term Parking Facilities .

AirTrain Stations

AirTrain stations are located in all terminals, the Domestic Parking Garage, and International Garages A and G:

Connecting to Mass Transit

AirTrain connects you with Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) via the Garage G AirTrain/ BART station stop. You can reach Caltrain by taking BART to Millbrae station.

Getting to the Rental Car Center

AirTrain's Blue Line will take you to the Rental Car Center from any SFO terminal or terminal parking garage. You cannot reach the Rental Car Center via the AirTrain Red Line.

What You Can Bring on AirTrain

Airport Luggage Carts

SFO installed hand brakes on all airport luggage carts to keep them steady during travel. For your safety, please set the brake once you board an AirTrain car and do not take carts onto escalators.


Service animals and animals being shipped are permitted on AirTrain. Animals being shipped must be crated at all times.


Bicycles are allowed on AirTrain. Please be courteous of other passengers.

Prohibited Activity

Eating, drinking and smoking are not allowed on AirTrain.

Shuttles to Long-Term Parking Facility

SFO's long-term parking facility and shuttle buses operate 24 hours a day. Frequent shuttle service runs every 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Electronic displays in the garage let you know when the next bus is due.

Parking Rates per Stall (includes all taxes and fees)

Parking Area Rate Restrictions
Long-Term $2 per 15 minutes $25 max per 24 hours 1st floor no vehicles over 9' (108")
2nd floor no vehicles over 7' (84")
International/Hourly $2 per 15 minutes $36 max per 24 hours no vehicles over 8'2"
Domestic/Hourly $2 per 15 minutes $36 max per 24 hours no vehicles over 6'6"
(credit card)
$2 per 15 minutes $40 max per 24 hours $42 max per 24 hours
ParkValet $45 max per 24 hours

Payment Options

FasTrak - Customers with credit card backed FasTrak accounts can now use FasTrak at any of SFO's parking garages. Customers must utilize FasTrak available entry and exit lanes. No ticket is issued at entry and a receipt must be taken at exit. Parking fees are applied to the customer's FasTrak account.
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Credit Card In and Out

  1. Insert credit card upon entry and park.
  2. Insert credit card again upon exit. (Must be same credit card as entry)
  3. Collect printed receipt and credit card then exit.

Ticket and Credit Card

  1. Take ticket upon entry and park.
  2. Insert ticket then credit card upon exit.
  3. Collect printed receipt and credit card then exit.

All major credit cards accepted.

Ticket and Cash Payment

  1. Take ticket upon entry and park.
  2. Drive to a "Cash" exit booth.
  3. Insert ticket into machine.
  4. Pay cashier, collect printed receipt then exit.

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